It astounds us how many hospitality businesses ignore client/customer feedback. Nowadays you don't have to look too far to obtain the feedback with reviews being aired openly on social media. And if the restaurant/hotel manager/owner can see them, then so can all his/her prospective guests and diners!! Sometimes, management and owners can't see the wood for the trees, and tend to try and ignore negative comment and/or bury their heads in the sand. This is a full-proof way to send your business into a steep decline.

As we write this our research has uncovered a 5 star hotel restaurant ranked 349 out of 489 restaurants on a popular review site (with 54% of their diners unhappy or dissatisfied), and the hotel itself with a dissatisfaction percentage of 26%.

Positive feedback and negative feedback are both important in their own ways and if hospitality business owners and managers are smart they can turn negative reviews into long term positive customers - if only they handle the feedback correctly.

With a wealth of direct experience in the market research industry (including 28 years in high-end business consultancy), we can offer our services as both Mystery Guests and Mystery Diners. We'll analyse your business, undertake a mystery guest/diner operation and prepare a report with our findings and formal recommendations on what has to be done to put the issues right. If need be we'll work alongside you communicate with the staff and develop a bespoke training programme to improve customer service and other relevant areas of the business.