Most Online Ordering systems that you'll come across charge significant fees. For example - the three most popular online ordering service suppliers i.e Just Eat, Uber Eats and Deliveroo tell me that;

  • they charge 30% - 35% commission on orders
  • settlement/payment of the food they have already sold via the online orders is anything from 7 to 14 days later (this includes card processing-house time)
  • they retain the database so you have no access to your customers email addresses
  • they are allowed to use the database for marketing purposes (but what they are not told is that the system company deliberately drives your customers to your competitors, using your database for which you have paid!)

The outcome of this package is that some food outlets have to increase their prices to meet the commission fees - commission fees are as high as 35%! 

But Online Ordering can be free (aside from the usual card processor fee - this is standard for all online card transactions, but rates differ between card processors)


The same company which offers a FREE Online Table Booking service, and with whom Restaurant Strategies have an association, also offers a FREE Online Ordering system - what do we mean by FREE? Compare this with the competitor details above. Our service offers;

  • ZERO commission on orders
  • settlement/payment of the food (including card processing-house time of 7 days - 7 days is standard in the UK)
  • the database is for use by the food outlet - AT NO TIME is the database used by the system company to drive your customers to competitors (nor for anything else!)

This is an existing, tried and tested service and the associated company is growing at a rate of 10% per month! They have processed in excess of $15m since inception. Restaurant Strategies is instrumental in bringing this service to the UK and the rest of Europe, including Spain.  How is it FREE? The company Restaurant Strategies represents makes their money elsewhere in other parts of the industry, so they can afford to offer these services entirely free of charge.

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