Nowadays everyone considers themselves to be a professional photographer, don't you think? Grab a cellphone, and snap away! Over the last 5 years we have observed a growing trend for both restaurant owners and customers to photograph their food dishes and hurriedly post them on social media in an effort to promote or self-promote their wonderful products.

In fairness I have seen a few decent images, but truth over 95% of them are atrocious, and not only that they are detrimental to the dining establishment, for a number of reasons. These range from poor quality, to poor resolution, to poor lighting/contrast/colour balance, to bad composition, to too big, to too small, to wrong angle, to terrible food styling, to horrendous overall styling, and plain and simple terrible food dishes.

There is no denying that bad food photography detracts from and damages the image and brand of the dining establishment, regardless of who posts it! Do you ever see Marks & Spencer posting terrible images of their ready prepared meals? No. Then ask yourself - Why should you do such a disservice to YOUR OWN business!? With social media platforms encouraging diners to take photos of their food and post them to the world it is little wonder that many establishments struggle. Whilst restaurants have little or no control over those images being posted by customers, they do have control over their own portfolio of images and they should be encouraged to show their dishes in the best possible light! People 'eat with their eyes', and if an image is poor then why should prospective customers visit your restaurant?

When it comes to professional food images Restaurant Strategies can make things both easy and affordable for you, and can guide you with regard to the best type of images, styles, props and settings that are need to make YOUR dishes stand out. 

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