Before you read any further, we are most definitely NOT going to tell you how to cook nor will we tell you how to run your business! Whilst we have direct experience in the food industry, our strength lies in marketing, promotion and business development. We have huge experience running businesses of all kinds (even at global level) and a restaurant is yet another business that also needs professional advice and solutions - oh, and yes we too have experience running food and drink businesses. At Restaurant Strategies we also understand the difficulties many (not all) restaurant owners face and we are here to help.

These are just a few of the issues that we see on almost a daily basis amongst restaurant owners;

  • Mis-direction of marketing budget and activity
  • Not enough time to tackle marketing
  • Not enough budget to tackle marketing and promotion
  • Lack of knowledge and understanding of what marketing and promotion is best for their establishment
  • Little or no interest or knowledge in using technology to drive business to their establishment
  • Too close to the problem and can't see the way forward
  • No time to carry out research or keep up to date with the all important activities related to marketing and promotion
  • Not enough customers in the restaurant on certain days or overall
  • What to do in Winter lulls...
  • Run out of ideas to attract new customers
  • Staff aren't selling enough product
  • No business plan
  • Little or no experience
  • No marketing and promotional strategy
  • No knowledge of pricing of dishes v achieving a real profit
  • Don't understand your market place (no, not everyone makes for a good customer for you)
  • Don't know how to handle negative comment that maybe posted on Facebook or Trip Advisor or other social media
  • Don't understand how to get the best from Trip Advisor
  • Social media is baffling and don't know where to start
  • The need for and importance of excellent food images (and not poor quality mobile phone images posted by customers or the restaurant themselves!)
  • Redesign of your menu
  • Understanding how to create and manage a database.
  • Lack of creative 'event' co-ordination
  • Lack of understanding regarding the need for an 'effective' website that works for your business

All the above are solvable and we have dealt with every one of these issues with considerable success... our consultancy ranges from advice on technological and traditional issues through to hands-on solutions and strategy implementation. In some cases, through our Outsourcing offering we can undertake the hard work on behalf of a selective few clients. 

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