Whilst we are happy to offer some essential services which can help businesses grow, free of charge, we are sure that you won't deny the need for us to also make a living. At Restaurant Strategies we recognise that restaurant owners cannot necessarily be 'all things to all men' and that sometimes professional assistance is required.

There are four ways in which we can assist restaurants, cafes and other hospitality businesses. These are as follows and you can read more about them by following the respective links;

OUTSOURCING: Restaurant Strategies will take the work off your hands and undertake the specific agreed mandate and action it as if we are part of your team. Read more here.

CONSULTANCY: We will undertake a complete review of your current marketing and promotional activity, produce a report and offer recommendations to follow in order to get your business on track and offer the most effective and cost effective solution for your budget. We can develop business growth initiatives and even run them on your behalf through our Outsourcing offering. Read more here.

MYSTERY SERVICES: With years of experience in market research we will offer an unbiased independent view of your business from a guest or customer perspective. Read more here.

PROFESSIONAL FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY: With 14 years as a professional commercial photographer and the latter 7 years specialising in food photography we are well equipped to  make your dishes look outstanding. Read more here.