You only have to turn on the TV and watch Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares or Robert Irvine's Restaurant's Impossible and you'll recognise that running a restaurant can prove difficult. Of course we all know that these programmes are produced, directed and worked to a specific formula for TV viewing, but many of these restaurants included in the programmes do have real issues. Indeed when Ramsay was due to shoot in Spain, I was contacted by the production company for advice on which restaurants they could/should approach in Spain to be included in the programme. 

But let me stress: we are not a Gordon Ramsay, nor a Robert Irvine operation. We don't involve TV programmes in our work, unless the client wants TV exposure of a different kind. We specialise in marketing, promotion and business growth, and have specialist experience in the food and drink industry.

Restaurant Strategies is a consultancy developed by a team of experienced, and highly successful, consultants each of whom have worked with a variety of multinational, national, large, medium and small businesses in a wide variety of sectors. More recently, i.e. over the last 7 years we have worked alongside, with and for, dining establishments of all sorts to help grow their respective businesses.

Our aim is to both educate and continue to develop restaurants and other food businesses, including cafes, takeaways, farm shops, market traders, online e-commerce businesses and more in order that their businesses not only grow but flourish in an ever-competitive market.

In July 2016 we hosted the filming of a TV Travel/Food programme for an American TV production company promoting food in one specific area of southern Spain. The programme is due to be broadcast on a Sky channel within the next few months.