Running a successful restaurant is one of the most difficult careers that exists. We understand how exhaustive and time consuming it can be. We also understand that whilst cooking or handling the day to day management of restaurant diners maybe your strength, technology maybe alien to you along with all this (what may appear unnecessary) marketing and promotional lark!

We specialise in all that 'marketing and promotional lark' and where you don't have the time to write and implement an effective marketing strategy, we do! At least for a small portfolio of clients. We are selective in whom we take on as clients, and they have to share our vision and ambition to grow their business. Whilst we are happy to educate and talk through any work we do, we don't want to have to spend valuable hours trying to convince clients of the need to undertake certain marketing activities....everything we do is undertaken with the sole purpose of driving your business up!

So what exactly can we do? Our work can include any of the following:

  • Write and implement your marketing strategy
  • Manage your Trip Advisor account and reply to all reviewers thereby helping you engage with your customer base.
  • Provide an entirely FREE Online Table Booking System, (and/or FREE Online Ordering system) manage your customer database and undertake direct email marketing on your behalf.
  • Create and manage a dining club for your restaurant, including creating and helping market/run special food themed events
  • Website creation, search engine optimisation, and promotion
  • Manage your day to day social media activities
  • Undertake professional food photography to support your activities
  • Create and develop your brand
  • Prepare artwork, and editorial, advertorial articles, flyers, banners etc for your business in line with your marketing strategy and of course within a pre-determined budget
  • Handle all your website analytical work - we regularly review an analysis of your website data i.e. traffic where it is from, how your website was found etc and use this information to drive your website traffic up...and ultimately increase your customer base

Effective marketing and promotion isn't a one-hit all takes time. Developing a brand takes time, but it is far quicker if you understand what needs to be undertaken and have someone with experience undertake it on your behalf. 

Our outsourcing services are contracted arrangements for a minimum of 4 months or 8 months or 12 months periods, with monthly reviews during the course of the contract. If you are a restaurant owner and you'd like to understand more about how to increase the number of customers to your establishment or how to merely increase your profits then please contact Restaurant Strategies here.