Can 'Online Table Booking' Ever Be Entirely Free?

In short yes!

If you have researched this market before, you'll have found a minefield! There are those companies that claim that they offer a free service but the true facts of the matter are that they charge a monthly fee within which they offer so called 'free services'. How can that ever be free? 

For example:

Open Table will charge you a set up fee of up to £625.00 plus an additional £99.00 - £149.00 per month (all negotiable), plus they will charge per person for the table booking - anything from 25p (booked through your own website) to £2.00 (if customers book through their app) - what they don't tell you (unless you ask!) is that the database of email addresses that they collect on your behalf through their app does not reach you! You the restaurant owner and their client only collect the email addresses for those bookings undertaken through your website - not through the mobile app! 

ResDiary - openly publish a tariff with a set up fee (minimal) and then monthly fees which range from £49.00 per month & £99.00 per month (restricted number of reservations per month), to £149.00 per month - again there are often restrictions on use of the database for marketing purposes.

It should also be mentioned that some online booking/ordering systems use YOUR client database to drive your clients to competitor restaurants! That is, they drive your valuable customers away from you! 

Is that really the sort of booking system you want or the type of company with which you wish to deal?

What's different about Restaurant Strategies?

Restaurant Strategies will introduce you to an entirely FREE ONLINE TABLE BOOKING SERVICE

  • No set-up charge
  • No on-going monthly fees
  • No table cover booking charge
  • The complete 100% of the customer's email database is YOURS! (With which to do whatever you wish!)
  • The company does NOT use your database.

This is an existing, tried and tested service and the associated company is growing at a rate of 10% per month! Restaurant Strategies is instrumental in bringing this service to the UK and the rest of Europe, including Spain.  How is it FREE? The company Restaurant Strategies represents makes their money elsewhere in other parts of the industry, so they can afford to offer these services entirely free of charge.

Want to know more about the FREE Online Table Booking service? Contact us here OR BOOK YOURSELF A FREE ONLINE DEMO HERE.